Get a better understanding of the aperture, shutter speed and ISO that is used in every photograph you take. You will learn how each affects your photograph and how they balance with each other. With plenty of photographic examples and shooting situations to help you see the light, you will leave this class with the knowledge that applies to everything you will photograph.

 Class outline: What you will learn.


 Aperture / f-stop

Learn what they are and why they change what appears in focus.

Shutter speed

Find out how the shutter controls motion and light, including flash.



Understand ISO and how to use your digital camera’s ISO range to help you in different lighting and quality situations.

Light Meter

Understand your camera’s internal light meter and when to use an external light meter.

 The Camera Mode Dial

Learn when the mode dial will let you control all or individual exposure settings, and when to use manual.

 Balancing All Three Settings

Learn how shifting one of the settings affects the others and your photograph.

Photographic Situations

Different photographic situations will be presented to test your understanding at the end of the class.

This class will be available soon, please join us to receive our Digital Publication and stay up to date with all the new things we have going on at Fort Worth Camera.

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