The wonder of the night sky is taken to another level photographically when we use the light from the full moon to illuminate a landscape. For our one night workshop, we take you an hour and a half west to a scenic ranch near Possum Kingdom Lake.  In this workshop, you will be learning how equipment, technique, and software come together to give you breathtaking photographs of the moonlit landscape.  We start you with classroom instruction and handouts, and then we travel in our workshop van to the landscape location. Under the experienced eye of our instructor, you will leave with great images and knowledge to use on your own.

Class outline:  What you will learn.

Camera settings
Learn the exposure, white balance and focus settings that will get you started in successful moonlight photography.

Equipment requirements
Understand the value of a sturdy tripod, a wide-angle lens, and a cable release.

Supplemental Accessories
Learn about smart phone apps to help you plan and even photograph the moonlit sky.

Post-Processing Software
Learn about how easy it is to bring out the best of your moonlit landscapes using primarily Adobe software.

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