Photographing people outdoors brings new challenges. With changing light conditions in varied settings, the photographer has added another layer of difficulty. This workshop will help you simplify outdoor portrait lighting. You will understand how to make the most of the light and when to supplement it with artificial light. With the botanic gardens as our setting and models as our subject, you will leave with examples and understand how to take advantage of available light.

Class outline: What you will learn.


Understand the four main characteristics of light and how they are used to enhance your subject, especially in an outdoor setting. Learn to see great light.


Supplemental Lighting

Find out how to use reflectors and diffusers. Understand how to mix ambient and flash together to enhance your subject.


Posing for the best features.

Understand how light and shadow adds form and can narrow or broaden your subject.


Color balance

Learn how outdoor lighting introduces color in both highlights and shadows and how to reduce unwanted color casts.

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