The portable flash, commonly known as a “Speedlight,” has become as versatile as a studio flash. In this workshop, you will be learning how to take the flash off the camera to improve the quality of light on your subject. Learn about manufacturer and after-market accessories that help improve your light and give your flash a more natural light look. You will learn about the different flash settings and understand how flash works with your camera. With the botanic gardens as our setting and models as our subject, you will leave with examples and know how to take advantage of a very valuable camera accessory.

Class outline: What you will learn.

Flash exposure settings

Understand TTL, flash sync speed and how to mix ambient light with the flash.

Light Characteristics

Understand the four main characteristics of light and how you can adjust them with your Speedlight and accessories.

Supplemental Accessories

Learn about reflectors, softboxes and lighting umbrellas and when to use them. Learn about radio transmission triggers and their advantages.

Posing for the best features.

Understand how light and shadow adds form and can narrow or broaden your subject.

Color balance

Learn about color gels that can be placed on the flash to help color balance with the ambient light.

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