Time and date to be announced.

Learn how to set up and use Adobe Lightroom, the software that can help rein in your digital photography workflow.  We will explain and show you Lightroom’s flexibility in sorting your images and its power of fine tuning them.  He will also be covering the importance of color balancing your monitor in order to make accurate corrections in Lightroom. 
You will only need to bring a laptop (Windows or Mac) already loaded with the latest version of Lightroom.  Trial versions are available through Adobe.com.  To follow along easily, you will be provided with an SD card of practice images to load and manipulate.
The class is limited to 6 students to better answer individual questions.
Also, offered are another two hours of 1 on 1 Lightroom tutorials to further fine tune how you want to specifically use it.
For more extensive 1 on 1 tutorials on any photographic subject, consider the 5-hour tutorials.
There will be a lunch break from 11:30 to 1:00.  There are a dozen nearby restaurants to choose from.

Registration is required to reserve your space.

Cost: $200 per person

Limited to 6 students.
No refunds or store credits available, so please check your schedule accordingly.

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