Buttons and Knobs

The Canon Rebel DSLR

Saturday, March 11, 2017.

 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM 


Your Canon Rebel is a very capable camera that will help you further your photographic adventures. With handling, exposure, focusing, and lens choices applied to the Rebel and Canon accessories, you will leave with the useful knowledge you can apply right away. Bring your camera, lenses and a charged battery to class.


Class outline: What you will learn.

Camera and Lens Basics

Learn how to hold the camera and change lenses efficiently

Exposure Basics

Learn about the different exposure modes on the camera and when to use them.


Understand which accessories are needed for different types of photography.


Learn about the different focusing modes and how to choose a specific focusing point.

White Balance

Learn why some of your photographs are too yellow or too blue and how to set the camera to correct them.

Photographic Basics

Learn tips on seeing the best light and composition for your photographs.


Cost: $50 per person.

No refunds or store credits available, so please check your schedule accordingly. For those of you that bought a camera from us you get a 50% discount on the class.  Just fill in the invoice number from your purchase receipt on the registration page.